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10 Random Things About Me:

1. I have four amazing children, Michael, Steven, Ashley and Blake. They light up my life.

2. My love for photography started 30 years ago when I picked up my first Nikon as one of the yearbook staff photographers at San Lorenzo Valley Junior High School.

3. If I had my way I would eat Mexican food every night of the week.

4. Since I started school in Gothenburg, Sweden... Swedish is my second language.

5. I love living in Southern California... warm weather, beautiful beaches, amazing sunsets and great people.

6. My favorite flower is the Gladiola.

7. I have SIX sisters.... Lorraine, Deborah, Sonya, Monique, Tanja, and Inga... and yes, ONE brother, Brian.

8. I have a wonderful husband Chris, who wishes I didn't have so many props!

9. My favorite roller coaster is California Screamin' at Disney's California Adventure Park.

10. I love watching my clients and seeing the emotions come out when they look at the images I've captured for them.

I would love to capture treasured memories for you too!!!